Marketing Services

Whether its branding, event assistance, help with creating a marketing plan or getting your online presence to the next level, Splendiferous has the expertise to help your business to get to the next level.


Marketing Services Offered :

Key Marketing Collateral – First impressions tell the quality and story of the company.  We help make sure your look is strengthening your brand while promoting a positive image.

    • Logo Design/Redesign
    • Letterhead/Envelopes
    • Letterhead/Envelopes Brochures

Outward Brand Messaging – Deliver the correct expectations and define who you are through outward branding.  Perception is everything; we ensure your product is expressed in a clear manner and easily recognizable.

    • Signage
    • Ad Design
    • Special Promotions
    • Apparel

Event Assistance- Having an event but not sure how to make yourself be noticeable and grab attention?  We assist in conveying the correct message and get your product recognized.  By generating dynamic awareness at an event it turns potential leads into sales. 

    • Booth Layout
    • Development & Design

Online Presence – Today the internet is often the first stop for a person to find a product.  The online world is quickly changing and fast moving.  We help establish an online presence that attracts attention and conveys the company’s branding and validity.

    • Web Design
    • Social Media
    • E-Trade

Marketing Plan Assistance – Success starts with a plan.  A developed marketing plan ensures consistency, focus and measurable results.

    • Level 1 Basic
    • Level 2 Extended
    • Level 3 Comprehensive